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the need for rightcosmeticsurgery

as cosmetic surgery becomes more accessible and affordable, it is becoming more popular. cosmetic surgeons and centers employ advertising in various media to reach out to possible clients because these are not people with illness who go the nearest hospital or seek recommendations from friends and relatives. however, advertising and glamourisation by the media for their own purposes has given rise to a completely flawed notion of cosmetic surgery and what it can achieve.

i come across a large proportion of patients who are dissatisfied, are disgusted and disheartened. because they have been wrongly informed, badly evaluated for the result, and generally cheated  of their money. i truly fear for the future of cosmetic surgery as all this is going to tarnish even genuine surgeons with the same brush and give cosmetic surgery a bad name.

maybe with this blog and this website i can try and make an effort to give genuine information so that people interested in cosmetic surgery make the RIGHT choice.

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