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mumbai-the cities within, and INSOURCING

this is for shruti chitlangia
mumbai is a city divided, divided by elitism and the railway tracks. the SQ (snobbery quotient) decreases as you travel north and disposable incomes decrease as you cross the railway zones from west to east. these fissures make mumbai probably the only city of its kind with greatly, but orderly, disparate costs for services (a plumber charges the most in south mumbai and the least in north-easterly kanjurmarg) and with its ghettoised minds, where a denizen won’t cross andheri west to andheri east for any routine activity (the reverse flow happens easily enough)
this brings me to ‘INSOURCING’ (remember you heard it first here). just as outsourcing exploits the differential between costs in different geographical locations, mumbai’s varying costs affords you the opportunity of getting cosmetic surgery done at more affordable cost if you look around. this holds true for any surgical service, not just cosmetic surgery. so folks, if you need a day care procedure like cosmetic surgery, in mumbai, do look northward; you might get a great deal.

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