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This site intends to give you the most useful information that will help you in being an informed patient and giving you a true picture of what you can expect when you undergo various cosmetic surgery procedures. This should help you in taking the right decision about cosmetic surgery. It doesn’t include detailed and technical information which would be of academic importance.


This site has certain sections which you won’t find on other Cosmetic Surgery sites( until they start plagiarizing our stuff) like:

= THE RIGHT STUFF… this is where we describe some special features of procedures our center performs, which are not common and which add value to our service

= NON-RESULTS… these are results that patients expect( or are allowed by most Cosmetic Surgery centers to expect) and which we know will not happen. We hope to prevent unnecessary disappointment and recriminations after the surgery has been done

= NON-PROCEDURES… Procedures which are passed off on an unsuspecting you which seem to promise so much more ease and advantages and convenience in place of an ideal Cosmetic Surgery but generally rip you off your hard earned money by exploiting your hopes and your anxieties

What the site DOES NOT HAVE is:

» Before and after pictures. Because today it is child’s play to alter images; to influence the result with different angles and lighting. Hence, pictures are used only to make a relevant point.

» Testimonials. These are even more easier to fake, and we don’t intend to insult your intelligence.

» Frills and bells and whistles to entice you to choose our center to undergo cosmetic surgery.

» Fancy descriptions which make you believe Cosmetic Surgery will catapult you into the list of the Top Ten most beautiful people, or make you live happily ever after.

» Adornment with pictures of good looking models with glowing satisfied looks because I don’t see their relevance.

We hope this site will satisfactorily address all your cosmetic surgery needs.