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‘We’ are a husband and wife team: Supriya and Kiran Naik. Kiran is a Plastic Surgeon, having done all his medical training from Grant Medical College, Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals and achieved the top rank in the examination for the sub specialty M.Ch. degree for Plastic Surgery in 1998. Supriya is a M.D. in gynecology which helps in cosmetic gynecology, genital rejuvenation and hymen reconstructions. She also excels in consulting and counseling patients for breast surgeries and female genital enhancement, and women clients who feel more secure and comfortable with a female doctor.

We believe that cosmetic surgery should introduce that missing harmony in the shape of the face or the body. And that involves customizing the procedure so that the result enhances that person’s individuality and character rather than making that person conform to a standard, routine measured shapes. Of course, the patient’s desires are given primary importance.

We are overwhelmed when a person submits himself or herself to us for surgery. We hold their faith in great trust and try our best to fulfill the responsibility that we have assumed to the satisfaction of our patients.

We consider as our strengths our innovative techniques which makes undergoing cosmetic surgery easier for our patients, our ability to empathize with our patients and understand them, our ability to deliver quality service at cost effective charges, and our sincere and honest prediction of the results so that our patients are in no way disappointed with our work.

We practice evidence based medicine, tell you things as they are, try to predict the result as accurately as possible, advise you against doing a cosmetic surgery if we feel that you are not a good candidate for the same, and like to believe that we follow an as ethical as possible practice. We also admit that we still have had the rare unsatisfied patient and the rare complication.