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Mumbai Pitfalls

  • Get your FACTS RIGHT

Remember, any clinic makes it’s living out of you undergoing cosmetic procedures. Ergo, they are going to try their best to make you subscribe to one. In the process, either intentionally or due to lack of better knowledge:

1. The Result of the surgery might be exaggerated or a rosier than possible picture might be painted
2. the complications might not be explained with due emphasis
3. the post surgery course might not be explained in detail and the expected troubles might be underplayed and summarily glossed over. You might not be told the complete morbidity of the procedure, i.e. how much trouble the procedure is likely to cause


The commonest scam takes place when the clinic feels that you are not going to get a procedure done because:

1. either you are not up to surgery and anesthesia,
2. or you get turned off a particular procedure because the trouble and downtime is too much
3. or you don’t want the scars that an indicated procedure will leave.

In these cases, you might get convinced to undergo a non-surgical procedure or a lesser surgery.
These won’t give you the desired result but the clinic will make SOME money at least. You are likely to be told: “Why don’t you try so-and-so? We can’t guarantee you, but you know, so many of our patients have been happy with it, blah blah ….”

The commonest swap is when you are led to believe that Liposuction will help you for your tummy, when actually you need an abdominoplasty. Another example is when breast reduction with liposuction is passed off on you when the need was for a formal surgery with incisions. This is also the reason for the existence of a host of.


These are procedures which exploit your hopes and seem plausible but are practically useless. Since they cost less and don’t give you the trouble associated with surgery, you are very likely to rush into these procedures whatever the disclaimers in fine print. Some examples are:

*  Ultrasonic Lipolysis
*  Mesotherapy
*  Laser Liposuction
*  Laser treatment for scars, keloids
*  Thread Lifts
*  Use of Radio frequency and Infra-Red machines for face lifts etc.


These are of value only if they are an unbiased documentation. But a couple of facts to understand:

» Whatever pictures you see on websites and brochures represent that minute proportion of patients with the best results. With you, the chances are extremely strong that the result will be lesser.

» It is child’s play to alter pictures to fool you into believing the results of cosmetic surgery procedures. Even simple things like lighting can make a picture look far better than what is. And with the software available today, I think one needs some better way to document results than mere pictures.


Many centers might offer you computer image alteration so that the prospective cosmetic surgery patient can get an idea of what the outcome is likely to be. However, do remember that in most instances, the actual outcome is not at all like the computer generated image. Image alteration is incredibly simple now with special software. Hence, one can get misled into going ahead with the surgery and sometimes, the other way round; not going ahead in-spite of strong chances of a good result.


You are not a good candidate for cosmetic surgery if you are not sufficiently motivated, as the keyword here is ‘surgery’. Surgery means some pain, surgery means some downtime, surgery means chances of complications, chances of things going wrong, surgery involves anesthesia and anesthesia involves some risk (even deaths are known to have occurred extremely rarely due to anesthesia) . BUT…….Cosmetic Surgery is also the ONLY way to permanently alter and enhance the shape of any part of your body.


Do not undergo any cosmetic surgery if you are going through an emotionally bad phase in your life.


Scars are possibly the greatest challenge that a cosmetic surgeon faces. There is no way  on earth to make a scar disappear. All that we can do is make it less obvious by redoing it or change it’s direction which might make it less apparent or try and shift it’s position by using a technique called tissue expansion so that it falls in a natural body crease or at a natural junction like the hairline.