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Mumbai Butt Enhancement Surgery

The Brazilians and Jennifer Lopez made official what the world has always known: For inciting sheer carnal lust in a male, nothing works better than a plump, rounded, shapely derriere in a woman.

We enhance the size and the shape of buttocks using either silicone implants or autologous Free Fat Transfer


The + es

– The augmentation achieved is excellent in size and is predictable and permanent

The – es

-Post Surgery there is significant morbidity and an inability to sit properly for about 3 weeks

– Scar is placed either just above the buttock cleft or in the crease under the buttock

– chances of complications associated with implants like contracture, causing some deformity, or infection


The huge advantage is that it has practically no complications, no scars, no foreign material

Liposuction performed at the same time gives better curves to the butt-hip contour

The negative side is that results are not dramatic or predictable and usually require more sessions

result with fat transfer: