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Mumbai Liposuction Surgery

A most misunderstood procedure; it is the best way to get rid of unwanted bulges on the hips and thighs and elsewhere on the body which spoils the contour of the body. It is not meant to be a method for achieving weight loss.

  • For you:

If you are NOT significantly overweight and have bulges which spoil the shape of your body.

These could be:bulges on the hips which sprout out above your waistband:

saddle bags on the outside of your thighs:

excessive fat on the inner thighs or around the knees:

bulges on the inner side of the upper arms; heavy arms:

bulging tummy, especially in a woman who has not borne children:

double chin:

bulges on the upper back:

excessively protuberant buttocks, bulges on the thighs just below the buttocks:

  • Not for you:

– if you are significantly overweight, i.e. you are obese or morbidly obese as defined by your BMI

– if your skin elasticity is not good which, in brown skin, is usually the case if you are older than 50-55 years and in white skin, could be around and after 45 yrs

– if you have been pregnant and are looking to reduce your tummy,although liposuction might help matters

  • Procedure:

Procedure is done under General Anaesthesia, or local anaesthesia for very small areas. Involves inserting thin tubes called canulae through the skin to dislodge and suck out fat from under the skin.

  • What happens next:

There is numbness over the suctioned area.The second to fifth day is the most uncomfortable period. After the procedure, fluid can flow out of the canula entry sites for a couple of days. The fluid is red in colour and sometimes is profuse. Bruising with purple patchy appearance is seen for about 2-3 weeks. Initially there can be a lot of swelling which obscures the result. As the swelling starts retreating, the result starts showing up in a couple of weeks and then keeps improving. About 70-80% of the result is visible in a month or so but the final result should be seen after 3 months. We encourage the use of a compression garment after the procedure for about 6 weeks.

  • Downtime:

You are completely mobile after the procedure from day 1. However the discomfort would make you take it easy for the first 3-5 days. There is significant tenderness even after that for a couple of weeks, but most people resume daily routine after about a week or much earlier if only a single area has been suctioned.

  • Result:

The bulges disappear and your shape improves

  • Non-Results:

-Your weight does not reduce significantly. There is some reduction depending on the amount of liposuction, but it is rarely more than 3-4 kgs.

– you DON’T become SLIMMER; your shape improves

– cellulite improves minimally

  • Sequelae:

– The skin surface over the suctioned area can show some unevenness or irregularity

– Some numbness can persist for a few months

– Some soreness can persist for a month or so

  • Complications are very rare:

– Rarely the skin over the suctioned area can show some pigmentation

– Excessive suction causing depressions or contour abnormalities

  • The Right Way:

involves using minimal ports. We many a times have used a single incision site to do liposuction with perfectly adequate results.

  • Non-Procedures:

» Laser Liposuction:  A laser is added to the procedure and is supposed to melt the fatty tissue. It does nothing of the kind; only makes you pay more for the same procedure.

» Ultrasonic lipolysis:  A instrument emitting ultrasound waves is passed over the targeted areas externally which is claimed to target and destroy underlying fat. If you can believe this con, you deserve to be cheated.

» Megaliposuction:  A marketing gimmick to sell the procedure to unsuitable candidates. Large volumes of fat are claimed to be removed and various figures in liters are mentioned and shown to the patient after the procedure. It is a simple trick to infiltrate more fluid before suction and get larger volumes out ( the fat tissue extracted remains the same), or if the surgeon is shamelessly unscrupulous, and believe me a lot of them out there are, water is just poured into the bucket before showing it to you.

  • Myths:

1. Liposuction is a method for reducing weight.
You lose but a few kgs as a byproduct of the actual goal, which is better shape.

2. The surgeon is going to tell me how many kgs and inches I am going to  lose.
One cannot predict how many Kgs or inches you are going to lose

3. Liposuction is a simple and easy procedure.
Liposuction is not a procedure to be taken lightly. It deserves to be viewed in the same light as any other operation. Although it does not involve any skin incisions and stitches, it does cause significant surgical injury

4. Liposuction can reduce your tummy or paunch
In most cases when the tummy sags, liposuction can only provide so much improvement as there is significant loosening of tissues and skin which form the abdominal wall and which cannot be helped by liposuction. Such cases are helped by combining a tummy tuck with the liposuction.
*In males, fat deposition is much more visceral(around the intestines) and less subcutaneous(under the skin); hence liposuction helps the bulges on the flanks but not the tummy.