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Mumbai Breast Lift Surgery

  • Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

is a procedure where no reduction is performed in the size of the breast but the nipple is lifted and placed at higher level to form a more aesthetic apex. It is performed under general anaesthesia, you can go home the same day and you might require rest for 1-2 days.

Depending on the on the amount of skin tightening required the incision might be like the breast reduction incision described above (more tightening) or if lesser tightening is required, it might be placed only as a circle forming the junction between the areola and the breast skin; in this case there could be some amount of crumpling of the breast skin just outsibe the areola.

  • Non-Procedures

– Some surgeons have tried lifting the breast using slings made of various materials. We believe the concept to be flawed and whatever result is achieved initially is lost in a couple of months. Also, it firm hard tissue under the skin.

  • Non-Results

Mastopexy raises the nipple level to more aesthetic levels but it does not improve the projection or size or the turgid feel of the breast at all……………..

……..so for all women who desire any of these along with a breast lift, the ideal procedure is Augmentation Mastopexy:

This is a procedure where a breast lift is done along with placement of an implant which accomplishes all that is mentioned above.