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Mumbai Male Breast Reduction

A well sculpted chest is the basic necessity for males wearing fitting clothes or going swimming or to the beach. In some males, slight protrusion of the male breast or some sag can prevent one from confidently going about these activities.

The procedure to rectify this condition (called Gynaecomastia) involves liposuction of the fat to smoothen the edge and surgically removing the gland part. It is a day care surgery. You can resume your routine activities after a couple of days. Vigorous chest and shoulder exercise can be resumed after a week.

The result starts becoming apparent after about 10 days but requires at least a month or 45 days to be completely achieved.

– The scar is a small arc occupying about one-third the  circumference of the  nipple areola. As it falls at the junction of the darker nipple and the fairer chest skin it is hardly noticeable
– Some skin irregularity might be seen if the sag is much

Rare complications include haematoma or seroma ; collection of blood or fluid respectively under the operated skin which might need to be sucked out.