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  • face lift
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  • blepharoplasties
  • fat grafting

Youth has a charm of it’s own; ebullient, aggressive and irresistible. Any suggestion of digression from this wonderful state of being induces a depressing sense of loss that we at Right Cosmetic Surgery understand well. Aging works as a metaphor for decay and the most obvious manifestations of aging appear on the face. The anti aging or rejuvenation surgeries we do, aim to undo the changes that age and gravity cause, primarily sagging of tissues and skin redundancy( Facelifts, brow lifts, neck-lifts) except at lines where it is anchored, causing creases and grooves, and a decrease in the volume of fat causing a loss of turgidity(Fat Transfer).

The whole exercise is geared towards making you look younger and more importantly make you regain that attitude which makes a difference. It is not a facelift or a browlift; it’s an anti-aging or rejuvenation procedure where various elements that aging has caused are attempted to be reversed.

  • For you if:

– You are concerned about your face showing sagging skin or skin under the chin sagging.

– Everybody comments on how tired you are looking

– People comment about you having lost weight when you know you have not

  • Procedure:

involves raising the face skin, tightening and anchoring the underlying tissues upwards, removing extra skin so as to improve the sag

  • What happens next:

There is swelling on the face especially on the cheeks, and bruising as well. Most of this subsides over 10 days, but may take a couple of weeks to resolve. There is not much pain and is usually some discomfort which subsides in 3-4 days. We sometimes leave a small tube under the operated area to drain out blood and fluid which we remove after 12 hours. We do not put any bulky dressings.

  • Sequelae:

The scar is well hidden and is hardly visible. It lies in the joint of the ear with the face and might travel up behind the ear.

  • Complications:

– Collection of blood under the operated area, called Haematoma is seen sometimes which rarely might need to be sucked out. This is the commonest cause of pain in the post surgery period.

– Very rarely, damage to the nerves of the face which might cause a lopsided look

  • Results:

– Makes you look much fresher, energetic and younger

– It improves and lifts the jowl area dramatically

– The cheeks achieve fullness

– The double chin and sagging skin under the jaw improves and tightens very well

  • Non-Results:

– The crease which runs from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth improves little

– The results last for a few years, but remember that gravity and age do start taking their toll again; enjoy the look for the years that it lasts

  • Non-Procedures

– Thread Lift. Supposed to be a non-invasive procedure and threads with various minute anchors are inserted under the skin to pull up the sag. The results are usually not satisfactory and whatever results are seen usually disappear in a couple of months
* An exception could be using a similar tape device for a neck lift which gives better results and might be worth the avoidance of a surgical neck lift

– Radiofrequency, Laser, Infrared and other similar devices. Useless.

  • The Right Way:

– We adopt as short a scar as possible although we are not rigid about that if it compromises the result

– We customise the procedure for every patient and combine various techniques to give optimized results

– We adopt a minimal risk approach and make it a patient friendly procedure

The other components of facial rejuvenation are as follows:

  • Autologous Fat Transfer

This is an excellent procedure for age related and otherwise loss of cheek fulness. It involves sucking out fat tissue and placing it in the cheek areas such that desired contours are achieved

  • Brow lift and blepharoplasty

for sagging eyebrows and upper eyelids especially if these are causing you to constantly raise your brows using your forehead muscles. You will know this by the creases it forms on the forehead

The scar is a small 2-3 cm line hidden in the hair.

The Result is a fresher, younger and vibrant look

We almost always combine this procedure with an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, where the drooping excess skin of the upper eyelid is also taken care of.

  • Lower lid Blepharoplasty

For you if you have a sag in the skin under the eyes or if there are bulges under the eyes which gives a puffy look to the eyes.

There will be swelling and bruising under the eyes which might persist for a couple of weeks. There can be discharge and watering of the eyes for a couple of weeks.

The result is a younger and leaner, smoother look


– Rarely the lid can get pulled downwards causing what is called ‘ectropion’

– Extremely rarely, loss of vision if there is undetected bleeding inside the eye socket