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Looking good where it matters the most makes a woman complete. Women sometimes feel inadequate and harbour unnecessary doubts about their genitalia. Enhancing the aesthetics and function of this mystical wonder of the feminine anatomy can give a much needed boost to a woman’s confidence when it matters the most. As a Centre which combines Gynecology and Cosmetic Surgery, we are ideally suited to deliver the best in this growing sector of cosmetic surgery. Enhancement is usually combined with rejuvenation procedures. The goal is to give a much needed youthful and aesthetic look and restore a tighter and younger vaginal passage. The following procedures are usually performed in various combination:

  • Vaginal Tightening

After vaginal births, the vagina can become lax leading to sexual dissatisfaction in the male or female partner, and more importantly decreased confidence in the woman.

The RIGHT Way involves tightening the vagina WITHOUT a scar. This is especially done as these scars can sometimes cause painful intercourse. At the same time, ugly scars of previous deliveries and urinary incontinence (leaking of urine on coughing, laughing, without control) can also be corrected.

  • A Good Looking and Youthful Vulva

The inner thin lips (Labia Minora) of the vagina can be modified in shape if the woman so desires.

The RIGHT Way we prefer to enhance the thick outer lips i.e. the Labia Majora. These are sometimes shriveled or they might sag with age. We can make them fuller and more turgid to aesthetically enhance and rejuvenate them.  Also, we like to plump up the hair bearing area just above the vaginal lips (mons pubis). All this gives the vulva a youthful and aesthetic look.

  • Hymen reconstruction

The hymen is split after intercourse. In case this is anticipated to cause a problem in a future relationship or even otherwise, the hymen is restored to it’s original status.

  • Non-Procedures

Some centers perform enhancement of the G-SPOT (which itself remains to be proved to exist) by injecting collagen. A potentially harmful method, the only benefit it might confer is the same as various aphrodisiacs.