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Mumbai Male Genital Enhancement

Just as breasts are an important marker of a woman’s femininity, the Penis is representative of all things male (hence the abundance of phallic symbols); and in spite of enough reiteration by all about it’s size being a non-issue, a big penis dominates male fantasies, pornographic movies, locker room banter and artistic representations by ancient cultures of the gods of fertility.

  • Penile Lengthening

The surgery involves releasing certain ligaments which tether the penis to the pubic bone so that more of the shaft is visible externally. About one to two inches of length can be gained.

  • Result

It might improve your confidence in bed. An inch in the penis goes a mile in the mind.

  • Non-Result

There is no way that a bigger penis will alter deficits in sexual satisfaction, or premature ejaculation or erectile problems.

  • The Right Way

– we use an approach whereby there is no scar above the root of the penis which is the generally used approach, but which leaves an ugly scar behind .

– The way we do it, there is no need to attach weights to the penis after the surgery, as is routinely advocated, to maintain the gained length.

For increasing penile girth we use a unique technique in combination with Fat Transfer; however we do not perform this procedure unless the patient is strongly motivated and understands the expected result as the results are not uniformly satisfactory.